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Just your everyday internet hero πŸ¦ΈπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ (more about me)

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Good Tips!

Random uncategorized thoughts and notes

iPhone Calendar Spam

With the evolution of technology, scammers are hooking their pea sized brains up to the cloud to discover new possiblities of spamming people. Here am I, presenting what to do if you are one of those unlucky guy/gal out there.

Lean Mean Green

Ever thought about of What is the greatest coding style ever?, Well, it turns out there is none but what I follow and had developed over time is my LMG style. No, I am not talking about "Light Machine Gun", this is called Lean Mean Green style of coding-fu.

Just random things

Random things aren't random at all. Sometimes, it might be difficult for your beloved PC to generate a proper entropy for things that needs to be random. We will explore the solution behind this peculiar problem.

A good way to wipe disks off

Hi again, today in this NOOB friendly Privacy series of my journal, I will be discussing a good, trusted way to wipe disks off. Including your precious SSD or that god awful HDD from your grandma's PC which you wanna sell on ebay for couple of bucks. This is must.

Latest Projects

Flag Guides Decrypter

This python based tool will help you in decrypting the flag journals and CTF guides presented on this site. FOR NOOBS ONLY


Yet another OpenCL API but with long term maintainance and support with stable features. Repository link here


This tool was created to serve the purpose of financial analysis in trading engines. Written in Rust, supported by Python. Repository link here

Coldlock Matrix 2.0

Created this project to try out the application of thermoelectric cooling and Peltier effect.


Coming soon with project MasterBlaster. Stay tuned πŸ˜‰ Repository link here