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Requesting for donations

Nov 05, 2016
2 minutes


I really hope that you like my work, since all this is a personal habit of mine to keep log of things I do. All of this is free and I won't collect any kind of data forever(personal or not) from my readers. My goal was to create an unbiased source of techincal information while keeping you safe from those greedy data sharks

However, it would really be supportive and kind of you if only you could spare few bucks just for the coffee. I won't ask of you any amount, but the amount you feel paying for this content will be enough for me. For you bros and sis who donate, I would really love to display your name in credits.

For Financial Donors

After sending the donation, please let me know your name along with any link to you like your twitter, github, linkedin, email, website etc. (completely optional) so, this can be added in hall of fame's Financial Patreons. Visiblity of your given amount for donation can be adjusted accordingly (by default it will not mentioned anywhere).

For Knowledge Donors

Another way you can support is by mailing me and giving me your true opinion about my journal, or any suggestions to my techniques or any kind of improvement. That way, you are ensuring that the content delivered on this website is of top notch quality which ultimately supports everyone. Your name will also be mentioned in hall of fame's Knowledge Donors

Thank you for reading!

Yours truly,
Xenon Lucifer Diablo