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Day one

Jul 01, 2019


A journal has been born! This entry shows how to use this journal efficiently to your use. A basic FAQ to get you started for gooood~

PLEASE NOTE: This journal may remain in development for year or two, due to organizing and recollecting my knowledge and information from different storage media (i.e. Notebooks, Old blogs, Past websites and more). But this is will be a fun project and grand unification of my computer science knowledge, a bigger crossover than Avengers Endgame 🤣

To search for content here, you need to use your browser's search functionality by pressing ctrl+f on Windows/Linux or press cmd+f for Mac.


Let's teach you something good about HTTP links, (if you know just ignore, this tip is only for noobs).

You see the link above and try adding #you-are-here in front of it so that your URL becomes like or like this (doesn't matter) Try it!

You are here

So, you have heed my advice? Good, because you are going to do this to search topics in between the entries. Now get back up there by removing #you-are-here and typing #headlines and you know the drill.